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Organized stalking

Over 7 years ago, I became aware that I was being stalked, not by one person, but many different unfamiliar people. It started out with one or more people coming near me and speaking to someone on their cell informing them of what I was doing and wearing. If I was going somewhere at any distance, a vehicle would come out of no where, ride up to my bumper and back off, as to see if I was alone. I had to leave my job because of this and there has been a smear campaign of some sort. When I go into a store, the hairdressers, doctor's office, even lawn sales, vet's office; someone will say you have to watch her. Bits of phone conversations as well as conversations in my home with my family have been repeated by a stranger in passing, or my first name spoken. Since I don't work now, people repeatedly say "she doesn't work". Many times they wait near my car until I come out of a store and appear to be either taking notes or speaking on their cell as they watch me. If I eat out, there is usually a group that sits next to me. They speak about my life. Their whole conversation is revolved around me. The thing is, I worked in a professional office and worked with the public. If this happened once in a blue moon, I would have thought nothing of it, but it happens where ever I go in public. If I go for a walk, a car will pull off and park in the vicinity. I live in the country so this shouldn't happen often. I have learned to cope with most of it, however, I feel I have been robbed of my freedom, it's like being put into a prison without bars. Would someone in government please help me and others like me who have to endure this type of victimization which apparently is not acknowledged as a crime? All I have as proof, is my testimony and some notes that I have kept. I am a law abiding citizen and don't know what on earth I could have done to warrant this.



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