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On transparency

Hi DOJ, Thank you for this opportunity. President Obama has repeatedly stated that he prefers to move forward, rather than revisit the actions of the previous administration. As a result, we now seem to have a need for transparency due to the subsequent clouding. Since ALL crime everywhere is always in the past, justice was invented to provide closure, through legal, transparent means. Though I believe I have some comprehension of the risks and divisions inherent in attempting to clarify questions that many of us still have concerning the actions of the previous administration in so many regards, we have yet to arrive at any satisfactory closure or "transparency". I believe that the current DOJ should immediately begin unraveling this complex web of secrecy, privilege, and status that seems to insulate and protect what to the untrained eye would appear to at least be a gross dereliction of duty. The Bush White House went to great lengths, even heroic ones, to hide their decision making process and its results from the country, and we still do not know why. I contend that there is no positive way forward until we can be assured that either no such crimes were committed, in no uncertain terms, or that those crimes have been investigated and the criminals punished. From where I sit, the appearance of a grossly unequal justice system cannot be denied, and no amount of future transparency will have any credibility until we can be assured that all men are equal under the law.



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