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On Transparency

Many citizens are extremely upset with the Department of Justice's failure to investigate and prosecute clear violations of the law. A few the things we are incensed about are these: The failure to prosecute those who have supported torture with insupportable legal opinions, those who ordered torture and other war crime behaviors, and those who have committed torture and other war crime behaviors, past and present. The failure to enforce anti-trust laws. The failure to investigate and prosecute Wall Street Barons who have clearly broken laws. The failure to investigate and prosecute illegal influence peddling even when it pertains to the Department of Justice.


Instead of ducking the public's questions about these things, and since the media cannot be counted on any longer to actually ask real questions and demand honest answers, I suggest you create a forum in which Attorney General Holder must hear and honestly answer our questions. This would be quite useful.


We, the People, need answers to our questions, even if the answers are ones we will not like, i.e., we have become politicized and will only try politically-expedient cases; my boss won't let me; justice is only for poor people; we don't have the budget or personnel to evenly distribute justice; we can't prosecute the former administration's war crimes because the new one is also committing war crimes, etc.


P.S. Is this comment framed in a pertinent enough manner to the Transparency category and its Accountability sub-category to avoid Orwellian "graduation" to the "off-topic" gulag? I believe it is also relevant to the Participation category and its Public Feedback sub-category.



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