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Innovate for Justice / Close Loopholes

Proposal to Close Loopholes


Create a new area or program or department that will do nothing more than work toward refining law so that it actually works in a way that protects the victim and prosecutes the offender. Currently, the whistle blower laws are not being enforced effectively. Currently, organized stalkers, pedophiles and human traffickers operate in such a way that behind fake immunity, fake diplomatic gratuity and other fake methods using falsified documents of a variety- simply are never prosecuted.


Fix and repair the loopholes. Train all law enforcement officers so they can identify these fake documents. Collaborate with the State Dept. to keep a closer eye on those who have gratuity so that when they do murder or rape we can kick them out of the US. Collaborate with the president and the FBI to quicken the process of prosecuting where crimes have been committed. White collar crimes pay because the few years you spend golfing at a federal resort is a vacation for these criminals. The $6.1 million in fines is a drop in the bucket to the filthy rich. It is not an effective manner to encourage ethical behavior in big business, which is as corrupt as the banks.


Innovate Justice


Just as criminals have new and innovative ways to commit crimes, so to should justice innovate. For this you will need every available expert which means you will need to collaborate with other agencies.


You should have top lawyers working with the people like me at ground zero. Here at ground zero we are under attack. The supreme court decision should be reversed after the current court is impeached.


Accountability and responsibility


Holding people accountable is a critical job. You have the most important job with regard to ethics. When we fail to impeach when there are grounds to do so, we send a message of a free pass to criminals. Please impeach the supreme court now. We have ample evidence for Bush / Cheney, and all their fake "implants."


Being responsible and being held responsible is critical to functioning in any enterprise. The finger pointing must be stopped. Hiding behind secrecy should never have happened anyway, but please make sure it never happens again. When we fail to hold people responsible, we fail in serving the American people. The American people want justice.


For inspiration on how to bring justice to the American people, just visit ground zero. We're down here. We have a lot of questions regarding the NIST report. We have a lot of questions regarding a lot of things, like why the supreme court wasn't impeached in the first place when it rose above the "law of the land" to put a cheating fraud in charge.



"The world is a dangerous place

not because there is evil in it.

But because of those who do nothing

about it."


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