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Disclose Company Bio of "IdeaScale"

Considering that IdeaScale seems to be enjoying a huge governmental contract, supplying virtually ALL of the government agencies, (including, of course, the DOJ), I find it interesting that I cannot seem to find a company bio that lists officers, owners, or subsidiaries of "IdeaScale".


In the interest of "transparency" may I suggest that EACH government website, including this one, using "IdeaScale" post a complete and comprehensive company bio, so the users of the website can decide for themselves whether or not a conflict of interest exists due to ownership or political affiliations.


It would be helpful too, if the value of IdeaScale's federal contract was revealed, so that the users of these sites could use deductive reasoning to determine whether or not profits drive the moderation and administration of these sites, or an honest push for transparency and accountability do.


Considering Chuck Hagel's failure to disclose his partial ownership of ES&S, the company that manufactured the voting machines used to put him in office, and the DOJ's subsequent failure to hold Hagel accountable for this crime, the public's trust needs to be restored, and in implementing the above suggestions, a small seed of trust can be be sown.


"Transparency" should begin with nurturing the public's confidence in the motives of those tasked to administer the portals of this "new transparency".



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