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DOJ: Openness About Organized Stalking is Needed

I am starting this new openness idea because another thread here has a confusing title. The other thread is titled "Enforce Existing Laws."


Organized stalking (OS) is the commission of acts similar to single stalker stalking, but by groups organized to carry out such acts. Organized stalking can include some through wall electronic harassment and surveillance using ordinary, not classified technologies which are available to the public.


I urge Ideascale/DOJ editors to take into account that some targets of OS tend to post comments which may sound very unlikely or impossible, and which may include personal theories about technology and entities which may be responsible stated as facts.


This, editors, is the result of desperation caused by denial by justice officials that such crimes happen, and amounts to laughing in the face of the person complaining about OS.


The January 2009 report titled "Stalking Victimization in the United States" (SVUS) lists about one stalking complaint out of every eight as involving multiple stalkers.


How can improved DOJ openness help?


1. Persuade your contractor, the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC), to begin handling what they describe as "thousands" of calls per month regarding organized stalking in a genuinely helpful manner, instead of their current practice of ignoring the calls.


2. VERY importantly, persuade NCVC to include information about organized stalking in their education programs for the public and law enforcement.


Such moves should set the stage for all levels of the justice system to properly acknowledge and service complaints of organized stalking.


3. Prepare a follow up report to the SVUS report detailing what happened in COURT to those complaints about organized stalking. If those cases were denied access to the courts, the public needs to know why.


If NCVC's official position is that group stalking doesn't happen, then I request that the raw data supporting that position be made public, including but not limited to:


- the name of each law enforcement agency providing data

- case number and date

- the official record of final disposition of the case

- if the complaint was denied, the name and office

of the official or judge making that determination


Group stalking complaints which were settled to the satisfaction of the complainant should also be reported to the level of detail above.


Targets of OS will benefit from knowing how what they experience will be treated by the justice system, and why, before making future complaints.


Those are three specific things which DOJ openness can accomplish, for starters.


And I ask the editors again, please cut those who post less than articulate and seemingly impossible information SOME SLACK. There is enough well-composed information available should DOJ decide to start treating this crime, which has been increasing over the past couple of decades, as seriously as single stalker cases are now.


Eleanor White


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