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Create a Public Complaint Website

I think that the DOJ should create a public complaint website (refer to as an example), for all types of public complaints. Then, actually have the government agencies follow-through with investigation of valid complaints. I have filed complaints with the Comptroller of the Currency, State Attorney General's Office, EEOC, FCC and various other federal agency websites. Other than the Michigan Attorney General's Office, I have never received much satisfaction from going through the federal, complaint process, even though I have had excellent evidence. Often, I get a response like: 1) Pass the buck to another agency, 2) "We do not have the authority to deal with this", 3) "We are too busy dealing with more serious complaints, etc. etc. In addition, funds should be made available for poor people to access legal services for appeals on Workers' Compensation, insurance disputes, national banks, and other large agencies who have funds available to fight court cases, just to avoid paying benefits for what really should be their expense. This is a huge problem. Huge wealthy companies win simply because poor people cannot afford the appeals.


In addition, a website should be created for Medicare and Medicaid, so that those policyholders can see what has been charged against their own accounts. Then people could help monitor this to help catch fraudulent charges made against their accounts. In addition, create a way that the DOJ could monitor the types of charges made, in order to catch fraudulent medical centers from making fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid charges against people's accounts. Afterall, the public is willing to help, if you let us. MO



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