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We, as Citizens, tend to believe that the recent Father/Son Goldman U.S.-Brazil Custody Battle only happens between residents of the U.S. and someone from another country. Unfortunately, that is simply NOT true!


Most American Citizens need to realize that "denial of visitation" by one parent towards their child(ren)'s other parent despite a legal custody decree/order issued by an American Court happens daily here in the U.S.


Why? A multitude of theories exist.


Generally, this impasse occurs most frequently between residents of two different states. This impasse comes to a head and is most noticeable when one parent leaves the "original jurisdiction state" and attempts to ostracize and alienate the remaining "original jurisdiction" parent from the child(ren)'s life by fabricating and manufacturing the loss of the significant connection by withholding the child from NCP Parent and/or trying to utilize the state-level court system of the alternative jurisdiction to frustrate and deny access to the child; forcing the alienated NCP parent and the child to suffer the dilatory effects of the loss of that continued connection which can and may never allow for a recovery of the loving parent/child relationship that existed prior to conduct of the offending parent.


If Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) are expected and demanded under the current state/federal regime to pay their statutorily-determined monthly child support obligation or face significant and debilitating loss of both liberty and property, then the question becomes "Why?" don't those same individuals [Custodial Parents (CPs)] who benefit from the support obligation and then subsequently withhold child(ren) from the NCP suffer a same or similar set of measures imposed by an equally tough enforcement and public policy driven regime? I believe NOW is the time to enhance the equality of parents and provide for a strong foundation for children to consistently see each of the most important people in their lives.


Irrespective of which actual governmental entity is the progenitor of the enforcement mechanism of this idea, I believe that a federal/state regime should be established to combat this "internal U.S. problem." Creation of a registry which has clearly defined guidelines that each parent could read and make application to seek redress of any visitation denial(s) experienced in attempting to continue their relationship with their child. The result would be fewer, highly expensive court trips to simply exert a remedy and find resolution under a properly issued and signed Court Order. No more waiting and waiting for a Court date which plays into the hand of the parent withholding visitation. Once the NCP's application has been approved, the CP (Alienating Parent) would go on a "NATIONAL REGISTRY OF VISITATION OFFENDERS" that could be utilized by Our society under the public policy doctrine to stamp out this type of ongoing behavior. Also, once the denial of visitation has been accepted by the registry, a fine would start accumulating for each level of offense on a consistent (daily) basis for each of the denials and the FUNDS would go to assist those NCPs in seeking professional assistance to repair the damage caused by the alienating parent and offset costs associated with the NCP having to seek redress instead of the CP actually adhering to the Court Decree/Order.


Our U.S. Supreme Court has held that a parent has a Constitutional Right to their children; isn't it time that we, as American Citizens, work together to ensure that Our Children, the future of Our Country, have both the resources (support obligation) and the opportunity to interact with both of their parents free from interference by the other parent?


Here, an ounce of prevention prevents a potential lifetime of detrimental outcomes associated denial of access of both parents to our American child(ren). The various types of behaviors necessary for the denial of visitation are highly similar to those characteristics found in individuals who conduct Domestic Violence (DV). An additional benefit of implementing this Visitation Enforcement Regime would be the opportunity to eliminate the gamesmanship that is associated with custody disputes and would allow for a reduction of conflict while simultaneously preserving the parent/child relationship.


Various offices within both State and Federal Governments can serve to assist the implementation of this type of visitation enforcement program. Admittedly, additional research and further contemplation are necessary to enhance this idea, however, this idea's time has come.


Please assist.



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